Services for Individuals

Speigel Investigations is in the business of connecting people with the information they seek. Private investigators have the resources to locate reliable and up-to-date information that regular people might have difficulty getting on their own. PI’s have the training and skill to make sense of the information they find and present it to their clients in an understandable way.

What Does an Investigator Do?

Through their work, private investigators aim to help people reach peace and closure in difficult circumstances. Maybe you are searching for a long-lost family member or want to learn more about a loved one’s death than the police provided. Perhaps someone has skipped out on a judgment and you want help finding them to recover funds. Maybe you are beginning to date someone and want to make sure they are safe to spend time with. Or you are entering into a more serious business or personal relationship with someone and want to make sure they are who they say they are. Whatever the situation, private investigators can help connect you to information. 


Background and asset investigation 


What Does an Engagement Look Like?

We are a client-centered investigation agency that aims to provide excellent service. Call or email for a free initial consultation where we will listen to your situation with compassion and care. If you decide to hire us, we will follow every possible avenue to complete the goals of your case. We are skilled in locating hard-to-find information and stay up-to-date with the most comprehensive databases. At the end of an investigation, we will provide a well written and clear summary of her findings.


“I hired Liz to locate an individual who had skipped out on a judgment I had received for a debt he had failed to pay years earlier. I had given up on collecting the debt because I felt so foolish about how it had come about in the first place, and I had lost track of the court documents. I liked that Liz seemed to take a personal interest in my case and she was careful to understand the details. She was upfront about her fees and I liked that we set up an initial budget for her work. Liz helped clarify what my needs were and she was realistic about what to expect in terms of results. She was able to locate the records we needed from the court proceedings and found the last known addresses for the person who owed me the money. She ultimately consulted with an attorney she worked with and determined that the debt could not be collected due to the statute of limitations. While we were not able to collect the debt owed to me, the fees I paid to Liz for her careful work were well worth the sense of closure I received from putting the whole matter to rest. Thanks, Liz, for the personal touch and care you showed me in taking care of my case.”

Seattle, WA
"Liz helped me find some information on a missing family member. I was floored by not only her professionalism but also the way she handled delicate information. I definitely recommend her services and would use her again in the future."

Seattle, WA
“Liz helped me uncover useful information that helped me make decisions based on her findings.”

Seattle, WA